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This morning I woke up to an email that said one of my favorite bands of all time (Silverchair) is on indefinite hiatus, or as they called it, "hibernation". I did not know these guys were secretly bears.

Man, that put such a damper on my day, and it probably will for the rest of the week. Does anyone else get really weird when something like a beloved band breaks up? I don't mean someone dies, I mean when people say "We don't want to make music with each other anymore". It's just weird, especially when you're a fan. All you want is more of what these artists are giving you, but they're people too, and they don't exist just for their fans. It's kinda hard to accept that sometimes.

And it's harder when that particular band played such a huge role in your life, like Silverchair did in mine. I discovered Silverchair when I was like, fifteen, and I've considered them one of the most brilliant and under-appreciated bands ever since. To see how they evolved from their first album (that they recorded when they were fifteen, mind you) to their most recent work is mind-boggling. The way Daniel Johns turned his battles with depression and anorexia into some of the most beautiful and profound music I've ever heard, when he was only nineteen or twenty, is incredible. And just...they had a song for so many emotions that I had when I was a teenager, and emotions that I have now. And Daniel Johns' songwriting was so incredibly brilliant and clever, even when he isn't trying to break your heart and, and, and....WAAAAAH JUST NOOOOO.

I think what adds to the suckiness of this news is the fact that my ultimate favorite band, Sigur Ros, is also on an indefinite hiatus. The phrase "indefinite hiatus" is so scary in the music world, because it so often means "We just don't want to say we broke up." But for Sigur Ros, I'm still holding out for new music and tours. I dunno, they just seem too tight of a group to all of a sudden never want to work with each other again. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Why are all of my modern bands on hiatus/broken up/ just not recording for some reason? No wonder I listen to so much classic rock. It's way easier to deal with bands that broke up a decade before I was born.


The fact that I've been listening to this particular song on a loop probably doesn't help things, BUT I DON'T CARE IT'S WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW.


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