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Pink Floyd:1---Fish:0

I stumbled upon this last night and felt like sharing it, because holy crap.

Found it here:http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/live-at-pompeii/in-depth-analysis-part-two.html

The Crystal Palace Garden Party gig has a somewhat tragic anecdote. There in the standing pool of murky water were inumerable and quite happy schools of generally healthy fish, swimming their tranquil little lives away in perfect solitude. Now if you are the least bit upset by the mention of dead fish, turn away now. With that warning, the wrath of death has so far overlooked Pink Floyd concerts, save for a few hundred or so not so lucky cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates at Crystal Palace. For the concert, special amplification and speaker systems were constructed by Charlie Watkins of WEM PA, the venerable British electronics firm, who also designed the enormous sound system so prominently seen in Live At Pompeii. The concert was indeed splendid, everyone enjoyed themselves, and the sound was overwhelmingly perfect. Only one very smelly problem surfaced as Charlie described: "Due to the reflective surface of the pond in front of the stage, there was a great gain in sound velocity." As a result, the Floyd's fearsome arsenal of sound equipment pummeled the pond's inhabitants delicate nervous systems with such insurmountable and persistent blows, that the fish succumbed to the sonic assault by going into a permanent state of psychedelic trauma. For the next morning, several hundred not-so-fresh fish were found floating motionless on the pond's otherwise inviting surface. Moreover, the Floyd were presented a bill for the dead fish.

HOLY BEES, HOW DO YOU DO THAT? THAT IS MIND-BOGGLING. Those poor little fishies! They're just chilling out, swimming around when all of a sudden OMGWTF MY ENTIRE WORLD IS VIBRATING IS THIS AN EARTHQUAKE?

To make matters worse, according to another site I found, that wasn't the only thing going against the fishies that night. The band had a giant inflatable octopus in the pond that their stage crew inflated halfway through a song, accompanied by smoke flares. Smoke+fish=bad. So whatever fish weren't pummeled to death by the vibrations of music were suffocated by smoke.

(The inflatable octopus and smoke flares in question. Man, that hardly even looks like an octopus to me, at least from that angle.)

Pink Floyd were definitely one of the greatest bands to ever exist, but they obviously weren't the most eco-friendly band out there.


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Jun. 20th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
i completely agree with you!! one of my all-time fav. guitar heroes will always be David Gilmour!
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